FAQ – AC & Heating

Frequently Asked Questions – Air Conditioning and Heating Information & Facts

  • * Proper System Sizing – How to Size Your Central Air Conditioning System
  • * BTU Calculation – How Many BTUs Per Sq Ft? System Sizing Calculator
  • * How to Determine Correct Gas Furnace Size
  • * How Can I Choose Correct Electronic Furnace Size?
  • * Do You Recommend an Estimate From My Local Contractor Before Buying?
  • * How Do I Size a Heat Pump for My Home?
  • * How Can I Properly Size a Ductless Split System?
  • * Can I Install My Central Heating & Air Conditioning Myself?
  • * Is a Goodman Warranty Void If I Buy From The Internet?
  • * What is the Difference Having a High Efficiency Furnace?
  • * What is the Difference Between Variable Speed and Multi Speed Gas Furnace?
  • * What is the Difference between “upflow”, “downflow” and “horizontal” in Furnace & Air Handler Descriptions?
  • * What is a “Two-Stage” Gas Furnace?
  • * How Can I Receive the maximum Energy Tax Credit from the Governement?
  • * When Do The Energy and Air Conditioner Tax Rebates Expire?
  • * How Does a Heat Pump Work and How DO I Know if Its Right For Me?
  • * How Do I Know if I Should Repair or Replace My Old Central AC or Furnace System?
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